3 Profitable Businesses That Actually Make Money

At The Movement we’re always talking about dead end jobs and bosses that quite frankly suck the life out of you. So now that you’re on board your probably thinking “OK, I can’t stand my job and my boss sucks, now what do I do?” Well, today is your lucky day. As promised here are some money making tips you can implement right away. You can dip your toe in the water and start them as a side hustle or do what we would do and just jump into the deep end. Word of caution: These aren’t your “sit behind the computer profit centers” because quite frankly we’re all not cut out to be chained to a desk. Instead these are businesses that require a little elbow grease but can reward you handsomely. 

Last I checked the cleaning business is a $78 Billion a year business. Yes that’s billion with a huge ass “B!” Let’s take a look how you can cash in on this cleaning opportunity:

1. Office Cleaning: This is by far the easiest part of the pie because I’ve owned one of these businesses. At the end of the day all you have to do is convince business owners you’re capable of taking out their trash and sticking your hand in their toilets, all for around $50 per hour or more. It took me less than 60 days to obtain over $1,100 worth of cleaning contracts. I’ll post more on how I did that for our Patrons but for now I suggest you get out there and hustle for some contracts. You’ll be surprised how many businesses are unhappy with their current cleaning company.

2. Window Cleaning: This might cost a little more money to get started but you can easily do it for around $300.00. Once your outfitted just drive around to businesses and look for dirty windows. Yes you’ll be rejected but if you have some thick skin you’ll be surprised how much cash you’ll come with if you just hustle a little bit. Once you’re good you’ll be making upwards of $100.00 per hour. Better than sitting behind a desk playing solitaire.

3. Pressure Washing: This is definitely a little more expensive to start but if you have access to $3,000 - $5,000 you’ll be ready to rock and roll with a nice hot water set-up. You can easily market driveway and patio cleaning and who knows, you may pick up a garage or two. If you get into washing houses I suggest a soft-wash setup which could be a standalone business. Again this can easily payout $100.00 per hour or more. 

Spring is here. With the right marketing plan you can easily “clean up” on some profits! Sitting in an office or behind a computer isn’t for everybody. If you’re not afraid of a little hard work we suggest you give it a shot. We truly believe there is a shortage of people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, that’s where you step in. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. 

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