$3 Rewards have been sent!
I hope the link works for you guys! Also I mentioned it in the private message but I figure it's worth sharing with everybody: To send download links of the rewards, I used Dropbox this time. I'm more or less unfamiliar with these types of things (haven't had any real reason to use filesharing sites before!), so if there's a better site than Dropbox to use, or if Dropbox is stupid somehow, and prevents you from downloading the reward even IF you have the link, please let me know!!! Or if you have suggestions to better filesharing sites, I'm all ears to that as well! Thanks everybody!

Also, to ensure everybody who pledged $3 during last month got the reward, I looked at my Patron Manager, but only 2 of you were actually listed under the $3 category? The rest of you were still listed under the $1 category, even if you updated your pledge to be $3. I'm not sure if you need to select the $3 reward tier to be listed under that or what, since Patreon doesn't seem to update it accordingly, even if you originally chose a lower tier? It's not really an issue, it just confused me a little bit initially, lol. BUT, I double checked, and I'm SURE I got everybody who pledged at least $3 last month (unless you're listed underneath the "No Reward Selected" option, in which I assume means you don't want any reward? YOUR GENEROSITY IS AMAZING but I just wanna make sure you're not missing out haha :"D )