3 Sentence Stories

I asked for prompts for 3 Sentence Stories a while ago on my Tumblr and figured I could post those here as well!

There will be a few snippets coming tonight – sorry for the spam guys!

Lamp Halo / Novocaine:

Geoff and Gavin, Lamp Halo

Geoff was the person he went to when he was feeling lonely - when Ryan was being distant again because he was too focused on a mission or too deep in his own thoughts. Geoff never asked or judged, he simply accepted. If Gavin sat down next to him, he always knew he was absolutely welcome to just lean against Geoff and close his eyes for awhile.


Michael and Ryan, RTW

They had started as the protector of Ray and Gavin and that had never really changed. Not once did they lose word about it, not once did they need to agree to do it - it was in their blood, forged by bonds that couldn’t seem to be shifted.

In the beginning they protected those two from their foes - before realizing that they were their own worst enemy.

Geoff and Gavin, RTW

They were like a book that had been closed and lost. Somewhere stuck in the middle with two different interpretation of the past. A beginning that was blurry like a dream and an ending that shall never come.

Jack and Michael, RTW

It was strange that Michael felt guilty for talking with Jack. Not because of the betrayal or because they were on different sides of a fight that would never really end but because of the obvious connection between them - the knowledge that they were the two who were human, who had not walked through hell and somehow that felt like betrayal towards his king.

It was a bond he missed immensely after it was severed, cut by his very own hand.

Ray and Ryan, RTW

They were the ones that were whispered about in the streets even among all those other incredible monster and men that resided in the castle. They were the final defense of the kingdom, the force everyone feared and only controlled by a single dead boy.

They were the Red Kings.

Geoff and Ray, RTW

They were the opposite sides of the same spectrum. Each rotten and righteous in their own mindset. A cracked mirror neither wants to face anymore.


Michael and Gavin, Carve

He was clad in emerald scales that lightened up with his eyes. A song so pure, so haunting that it was taunting him to follow.

And Michael did.

Random AUs:

Ray and Gav, Hybrid AU (not GoU)!

They were both afraid of thunder and both too stubborn to tell anyone else, fearing the resulting teasing. So the only logical step was to turn to each other with enough blankets and pillows to lock out all of the noise and fall asleep wrapped in soft wings and twitching ears.

When they were found the next morning, still fast asleep and clinging to each other, nobody dares to wake them.

Ray and Jack, Hybrid AU

It was strange. Ray wasn’t very courageous at the best of days and he always blamed it on his genes - after all he was a prey and his instincts usually screamed at him to run, hide or play dead. Jack was a lion, strong and deadly but his eyes were kind enough to make Ray’s instinct fall silent while being close to him.

Ray and Gavin, GTA Immortals AU

Ray never talked about where he was born or how old he was and Gavin had never really cared. What he did wonder about was how Ray was killed the first time, how he stopped aging so young but he never asked. He knew from his own experience that no matter how often you told the story or how funny you made it appear, the pain, the fear, the shock of that fatal first time would never quite fade.

Jeremy and Gavin, GTA Immortals AU

Realizing he was immortal hadn’t been fun for Jeremy - waking up in a morgue, cold, naked and scared with some stranger sitting by his side. Eyes sharp and green, with a smile that just showed that he knew more than he would ever share, he looked like a grim reaper, ready to play some more.

“Hey, mate. Glad to meet you.”