Hey all,

As we're at almost 2 months with the same day-1 patron (and much love to you) clearly this project isn't as popular as I had hoped it would be. I'll keep the account open for as long as there is one supporter, but I'll be removing the $3-tier reward, which was a patron-only tumblr ask blog, where you could ask anything and always get a drawn reply. With only one person who doesn't use it, it's just pointlessly sitting around, so I'll delete it, but may bring it back if there are more supporters one day.

The hiatus continues as previously mentioned, but the next page is over half done already. Putting all the effort into uploading pages as they're made for the one person who probably doesn't even see them (as they didn't select a tier) seems pointless, so I probably won't bother until there's someone who will see them. On the other hand, I HAVE actually received payment for the past two pages now, so I'm quite happy about that. :>

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