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3 Unexpected Ways To Positively Influence Recovery

Episode 68: In this episode of the Mind Body Musings Podcast, I discuss 3 ways to positively influence recovery by using the power of your mind and only your mind.

Nope, you don’t have to do anything other than changing the way you view what’s going on around you. The amazing thing about this is that your mind is the only thing you CAN change. Instead of obsessing over a comment somebody made, you can choose to let it fly away into the abyss of negative thoughts, and instead, adopt a victor mindset that will leave you feeling empowered and grateful.

Show notes:

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  • Why perception is so extremely powerful
  • The importance of channeling your mindset from that of a victim to victor
  • Two examples of how perception can really come in handy with recovery
  • Why valuing your achievements above all never ends with a boost in self-worth
  • How healing others healed me
  • The empowering nature of responsibility
  • Check out The Purpose Principles by Jake Ducey HERE

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