$30 Goal Accomplished~
(Here is a past artwork that I have done when I had a working tablet.)

Thank you so much for your help and support, you guys really keep me motivated to continue writing, I wasn't so sure at first if I was even going anywhere with it honestly.  

An to my surprise Howling is quite popular. It was a thrity day challenge, and I still got one week left to finish it. I'm crossing my fingers that I do complete the draft at least. :D

So first off, the $30 Goal has been accomplished so now every month starting on Janurary Black Moon will be up three times  during the one month period. Surprisingly the $40 goal for Drezo Regalia is almost accomplished as well, who knows maybe soon it would be 3 updates a month for Drezo Regalia.  

Oh and here is an JPEG for you guys to download if your interested in it.