$300 Goal Met! (And other announcements)
Ohmigosh, THANK YOU everyone! As promised, because this goal was met everyone who pledges this month will receive a digital PDF copy of the exclusive comic 'Playdate' when the printed copies start shipping in January. I believe I've finished everyone's colored sketches from November (hope you enjoy them!) but if there's any I missed please send me a message. Also, I'll be announcing this over the FE website later, but for the past year I have been working on converting the archives of FE into a printed volume, and it is really close to being done! So close, in fact, that I'll be pausing updates to the current story arc to focus on finishing this book for a couple weeks. However, 'Playdate' updates will continue, and previews of this book will be shared over the website and Patreon. (And yes, those who plan on pledging $15.00 or above in January will be reserving a copy of this book.) As always, you guys are AWESOME and I can't thank you enough for your support! :D