$300 Milestone Reward: Canvas Patches!
After the first fuckup by Northwest Embroidery (Avoid! Do not do business with these guys!) set us WAY back in our goals, we had to wait for Visa to get our money back from the jerks so it could be reinvested in new patches. But it happened, Visa ruled in favor of Problem Glyphs in the dispute, and we got our money back! According to our Sticker & Patch Survey, [BOG WITCH // BOG BLESSINGS] was the #1 most-desired design, so we put it on canvas screenprinted patches and are waiting for the first inventory to arrive in Seattle. Here's a mockup of what we think the patches might look like. We'll post real photos as soon as they show up. These will be available in person at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle on March 27th. Look for us at booth U-03 in Artist Alley, alongside my new project BLACK HOLE WIZARD!