Halfquake Art Contest

Sep 17, 2019

Once again it is time to get your creative muscles going! The Halfquake Art Contest returns and challenges you to come up with something Halfquake related in the next two weeks.

Take a look at previous submissions to get some inspiration!


The winner will get a package with the following content:

Places 2 to 10 will receive a personal thank you note via snail mail.

Everyone else will receive a digital thank you doodle. 🖤

Submission & Deadline

Please submit your entries via email to [email protected] with the subject "Halfquake Art Contest Submission".

The deadline is October 1st 2019. 💀


  • You can only submit images!
  • All styles are valid (photography, sketches, digital, 3D render, screenshots, etc.).
  • You can submit more than one image, each will be judged individually, only one image can win.
  • Images that contain gore, nudity, pornography, hate-speech, propaganda, etc. will be disqualified.


All submissions will be rated/judged individually by me and all of my patrons (patrons can't judge their own entries). The results will be prominently displayed on my website, on my Twitter feed, in the VK halfquake group, and in a news post on the Halfquake Trilogy Steam store page on October 5th 2019 (the first anniversary of Halfquake Trilogy on Steam).

Final Words

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments, via my email address above, or you can join the Halfquake Discord!

I wish you all truckloads of inspiration! May your imagination take you to extraordinary places. And remember - just do it. (<

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