InkyDays 09/18/19 - 09/24/19

An adventure in drawing, daily, with ink.

#inkyDays 09/18/19 

Playing with ruffled triangles and strings and circles.


#inkyDays 09/19/19

Playing with a variation on yesterday's drawing, but with different ink. The grey gives a cold feeling, as opposed to the warm brown and sepia I've been drawing with.


#inkyDays 09/20/19

Thinking about lichen, and microbes, and the data art installation I'm currently working on.


#inkyDays 09/21/19

Playing with a different shape in today's drawing. Exploring some simple patterns with it.  Got a little 'splashy' looking, so I'll have to work on getting away from that. This shape is also currently playing a part in a code-created project I'm currently working on. Will share when it's more developed.


#inkyDays 09/22/19

Continuing to play with the tear drop shape and peacock colors in today's drawing.


#inkyDays 09/23/19

Going floral in today's drawing.


#inkyDays 09/24/19

Today's drawing could have been better. I don't think I was ready to stop playing with the rain drop shape. Oh well.




Full #inkyDays gallery in my portfolio site:

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