New Direction for this Patreon

Sep 30, 2019

As I'm a jack-of-all-trades, it's time to switch it up, and properly this time. 6 months ago we (me and Loa) decided to take a break from streaming, and we did.  Now we've moved to the UK, but we're also looking to buy a house. I need to get back to working on the things I want to work on (my projects), and this patreon is one of those. 

We've had 2.5 years of gameing focus on here, because I couldn’t do anything else at the time, it’s time to change it up a little again, but with a proper shift this time. While the gaming interest is still there, it’s not my main motivator, there’s been a lot happening with me lately and my health has drastically improved, which I’ve written about on my blog (even though I never really got around to truly explaining it here or on the discord, only dropping a few hints and pieces here and there). 

So, what am I looking to do? I want to keep writing, working on Florence and Tusky (these two are funded elsewhere, and should not be supported here), and I want to go out traveling and attending conferences, and feel like I make a difference again. 

Why conferences? I feel like at some of these conferences, is where a lot of direction and decisions and ideas are born, and I would like to be there to help make sure other minority voices are heard and seen, and when I come home I want to provide a good review of what happened at the event, what you missed, and where you can catch up with more interesting talks from said event. My main example is this writing from the Activity Pub Conference (first), which happened in September 2019.

Not all conferences will be the same, and that’s kind of the charm for me. The goals for the coming year is to attend 5 conferences, and if you can help me do it would be fantastic, if you’d not want to continue supporting me because of this change in direction that’s okay too.

Revamping the tiers: I want to offer a $5 tier where you will receive an early draft from the events I attend, and that will always be patrons only. A higher tier $25 will require your address because I want to send cards from the places I visit as part of my traveling, these cards will either be something I sketched myself while away on my trip (see example below), or cards which I buy in the area. This will also apply to higher tiers.

Schedule: I will be keeping a schedule updated in my introduction for events I’m planning to attend as soon as I know I’m traveling there. If anyone wants to sync up for dinner or coffee while I’m in those remote locations (or offer a place to stay) get in touch! 

Writing: Since I want to write regularly, I’m going to start with a small attainable goal and then increase as it works out. Writing will continue to be a mixed bag of poetry, mental and physical health posts, IT (especially fediverse / mastodon / activitypub related) and other musings. First goal will be 1 writing / month. And I will increase them as I'm able to.

Other work: What am I doing outside of the writing (since it's all writing), I'm still working on both Florence and Tusky, and some of the conferences I'll be attending through them, but I will still be wanting to provide the stuff I've talked about here after any conference I've gone to, no matter which I go to.

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