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I have a fable for letters; not the ones with postage stamps (although I love writing those too), but for alphabetical ones. There's this thing about them; they have infinite amount of combinations, and it leads to some interesting (I hope) game ideas, like the crafting system in PHQ, which uses actual letters of the trap names.

Recently, another idea came up using letters. I frequent a handful of blogs, so I thought: What if every blog post was the basis for a new game level?

Basically, it's a grid-based multiplayer 2D game. The walls of the map consist of slices of images found in the blog. Each word of the post is a monster you can kill. Curse words could be especially hard to kill.

(The image at the top would only be a fraction of the post's map.)

Every time you kill a wordmonster, you collect its letters. Each letter can be sold, traded, or equipped to your character and positioned and turned to your liking (you can change your character's look that way, like Nintendo's Miis). Rare letters and characters (é, ý, etc.) give high damage or other stat boosts.

You can exit the level when you're done and zoom back out. You now see the world map, which is simply a calendar. You can go back in time, but only if a full month has been cleared. In the overview, you can of course see how many levels/posts there are for each day, and how many people are currently playing inside.

Since it's an online multiplayer game, there's a certain level of competition, due to the resources being limited. Blog posts are posted a few times a day and if you want to collect stuff, you should be there first, or you can go mine in the past, but even the past is finite.

Old levels could also have stronger and greater wordmonsters, so you can level up with the easy current ones and when you feel bigger and better you can challenge historic entries from three years ago (if the path has been cleared).

For X amount of monsters you get level ups, and for certain levels you even get "Spells", such as:

  • Dyslexia - Injecting a letter into the wordmonster from your stash, making it explode
  • Palindrome - Reverse the wordmonster (stun move?)
  • Anagram - Turn the wordmonster into another word (deals damage, but can turn into a curse word)
  • F-Bomb - High damage on curse words, has AOE damage, but could turn "clean" wordmonsters into curse types
  • Plagiarism - Use a wordmonster to kill another one

The fighting system would be round based (move to a tile, battle starts, use skill yourself, wordmonster uses skill, use skill yourself, and so on).

I was close to making this game last month, I already created the blog parser to turn blog posts into maps. I just didn't know whether it would turn into a copyright issue, in case I'd be using popular blogs (which would be the point). I'd also have to make another register / login / user feature, which I didn't feel like doing for now.

Who knows, maybe I'll continue making it sometime in the future, just for fun.

If you have ideas or questions, let me know!

Trivia Tuesday will return next week, I'll create another poll. Thanks for voting!

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