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Elena Dana here and welcome to my Patreon!

I am a music educator, specialising in jazz vocals and this new online portal is dedicated to unique Vocal Training Material, which I create based on your questions, comments and requests, and so to make this project as relevant to you as possible - it needs your PARTICIPATION!

I have been singing and training for as long as I remember, and after being a professional vocalist for over ten years I have moved onto sharing my knowledge on the craft of voice mechanics with those who want to learn how to work with their singing voice to its best design. 

Consequently, for almost seven years now, I have been developing my own teaching method, through lots and lots of teaching, observation and experimentation, to deliver the vocal technique in the most comprehensive and accessible manner to an adult learner of any singing level, which I intend to introduce to you right here! 

Every month, I will publish two videos on this feed: a tip on vocal technique element (about 10 min long, third week of each month) and a whole vocal training session (at least 30 min long, first week of the month), which you can use  for your own daily practice, revisit at any given time, or follow my monthly updates, depending on the membership you choose.  

To give you a bit of flexibility with the training you wish to go for I have introduced four different types of membership titles: Sparkle, Glitter, Silver and Gold.

  1. If you’re on SPARKLE - then all my videos will be available to you for a whole month from their release date 
  2. If you are on GLITTER - you will have monthly access to longer videos and indefinite* access to shorter ones 
  3. If you join me on SILVER tier - you will have unlimited access to all my vocal training material for as long as it's published on this feed 
  4. And finally, the GOLDEN patron title entitles you to have access to all my vocal training material published here indefinitely*, PLUS a monthly written analysis of your vocals together with a personalised vocal training programme designed just for you! All you have to do is to email me a link with your audio or video recorded singing voice and I will write back to you with a page of concise information which you can use for your own self-guided vocal practice.

*This project will last for about a year starting from September 2019 so get on it as early as you can to be a part of this ongoing organic creative process!

Mind you, you don't have to create your own Patreon page to become a Patron, you just click the "Sign up" button after selecting the tier you're after, fill in your deets and we are connected! You can also amend your membership at any time you want. 

Thanks a lot for stopping by and a huge thanks to all of you who are joining me on this wonderful journey 💕 and I will sing with you soon!  


Read more about my methods on: elenadana.com/arts-community

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