Paige's Fighting With My Family - FREE NoggerU AXCLOOSIV!


Yesterday I asked everyone at NoggerU if it's cool to make this video available to everyone, as thanks for rallying behind us this week (YouTube de-monetised & re-monetized us within 27 hours!). With the thumbs up from the NU crew, here's the review of PAIGE'S FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY! (as well as some extra bits and bobs that I hope you'll love)


Apologies to Lena Headey, I auto-default pronounce it as Hedley, as in Hedley Lamarr from Blazing Saddles šŸ˜‚

ā€¢ Next OSW ep is Survivor Series '93, in ~2 weeks!
ā€¢ Clicky for more axcloosiv film reviews here on NoggerU! Including:

Do the thing if ya got the guts! Ohhhhhhh yeah! šŸ˜‚

And remember, a winner is youuuuuuuuu :)

Love JĀ 

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