A greedy union won't release its hold on a small town!

Travelers from far away lands!

I've been working on this one-street town over the past few days. It resembles a western-style  settlement but it is not located in an arid area. I wrote an interesting adventure about this place. It is a mining town, most people in the area work in an iron and silver mine and do their best to survive. What really sucks for this people is that an organization called Red Fang Union pretty much owns them. The Union paid for their homes and the workers/tenants signed unfair purchase contracts on them, one generation ago! The terms of the contracts are so abusive that the poor settlers have been paying for the houses for two generations. People, especially the ones born in debt, are starting to grow tired of the current state of affairs and might revolt sooner or later.

There are a few NPCs not indebted to the Union and they have a different perspective on Lazuli Reach. Perhaps the visit of valiant heroes is the spark needed to blow the mining operation to pieces. If the workers regain control of the product of their work at the mines, they might finally be able to improve their lives.

For my supporters in Patreon, this illustration is included in the usual formats. Unlike other town maps this one comes with gridded versions. Due to the size and scale (10-ft-square) this map is not well suited for a Roll20 import without some heavy duty editing.

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Elven Tower

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