Flyboy Bonus Comic, Page 04
Wait — are potatoes really OK now for Paleo?

So, here on Patreon, I just posted up Adam DeKraker’s pencils for Kyle’s NSFW Romance Card art. The “Romance Cards” are one pack of four different kinds of Trading Cards I’m creating for the Kickstarter backers. Each Romance Card has a “Safe For Work” pin-up that will be on the front of the card — but thanks to one of the Kickstarter stretch goals, I’m also creating very Not Safe For Work versions of these pin-ups as well. This week’s Sneak Peek for $5+ Patrons shares Adam DeKraker’s awesome linework of the NSFW version.

So! Looks like Mitch is able to hear all kinds of stuff when he puts his mind to it! Who is this mysterious voice from Flyboy’s past? What will this mean for our young hero? And what’s gone “way too far”?

Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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