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When it comes to powering up all your electronics, or just knowing you can start your overlanding vehicle of choice each morning, battery health and all that comes with the ability to keep the fridge cold, the LED lights bright and a strong winch ready for the toughest jobs at the worst moment; having safe reliable power is essential to all overland travelers. 

David Walls of Overland Power Solutions joins us this week for a special educational episode on powering your adventures. Safety was at the top of my mind as David and I talked all things electric for overlanders. We cover battery types; pros, cons, types, cost, longevity… Dive deep into DC to DC charging versus using a battery isolator, overland solar options, and of course safety. How do you wire it all up without fireish nightmares?

To no surprise, there’s a lot that goes into designing and installing your electric system safely. As David points out several times, there's no shortage of available information on the subject. It’s about narrowing it down specifically for you and how you’re going to use the system so that it can perform optimally. Information paralysis is real, we appreciated the depth of knowledge David has along with his ability to break that knowledge down in a way most anyone can understand it.

Checkout the episode for usable information you can put into practice immediately. We learned a lot, and hope you will also benefit from the education David provided. You can also reach out to David with the links provided below. Consider Overland Power Solutions if (like us) you’re not an expert in proper electrical system design and/or installation. As life has probably taught most of us by now, do it right the first time, or fix it pronto. Get the best quality parts possible the first time to save money down the road replacing broken or burnt (super bad) stuff.

Website: https://www.overland-power.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/overlandpowersolutions/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/overlandpowersolutions

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