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New & Upcoming Releases from @Crazy Ink
Fall into reading with these November releases! @CrazyInkPub #CrazyInk #Madness

1st –
Cyber Warfare
Mary Duke
#CrazyInk #SciFi #UrbanFantasy #CyberPunk
YEAR: 2119
The developers have created chips that can be inserted into the human brain: These chips give them the capability to do extraordinary things.
How do we keep those chips safe? With an elite team of badasses, called Ghosts.

Sister's Revenge
Rita Delude
#CrazyInk #Suspense #Revenge #Horror
Alicia Stamois’s family is damaged. One dark night shattered their world. She loves her family beyond measure and is willing to go to irrational extremes to put her broken loved ones back together. Alicia’s a shrink who knows how to play head games better than most, so she puts her training to work on a scheme. Her plot includes a pen pal, a prison, and a proper punishment. For Alicia, love matters most.

The Curse
A Crazy Ink Anthology
Link: http://mybook.toTheCurseCI
#Paranormal #CrazyInk #CrazyInkAnthologies
Some people believe in curses.
Others believe curses are myths ... until it happens to them.
When these authors gather to unravel the mysteries behind curses, will everyone get out alive? Or, will they stay cursed forever?
Welcome to The Curse.

Night Stalker
A Dead Oaks Terrors Series Novella
Rena Marin & Skylar McKinzie
#Critters #Creatures #DeadOaks #CrazyInk
Tiffany Reynolds has heard enough about the creepy scarecrow her brother and his friends made to enter in the local craft fair. The more she sees it, the stranger it seems. Sometimes it's in different places, like it moves on its own. Its eyes seem to follow her around the room. Its face is becoming more terrifying. Something isn't right with her brother's new obsession but with her friends being stalked by something sinister lurking in the shadows, Tiffany has other things to worry about. Who is the night stalker of Dead Oaks and who will be the next to meet their end?

Beyond the Woods
A Crazy Ink Retell Anthology
#CrazyInk #CrazyInkAnthologies #iBook #Nook #Kindle
Step back into the woods on a journey to grandmother’s house where the wolf might not be who you think he is. Throw your red hood on and prepare to enter the darkest of forests and intentions – where things are not always as they may seem.
Join award-winning and bestselling Crazy Ink authors in reimaginings of the well-loved classic Little Red Riding Hood far beyond the woods…

Scorched In Blood
A historical paranormal suspense
LJC Fynn
#CrazyInk #Paranormal #Suspense #Historical
If you think you know his story, then you don’t know Dracula…He was inarguably described as one of the most blood hungry rulers in history. People feared him. Women wanted him. Life twisted him. He has always been portrayed as the villain. For the first time, Dracula was ready to set his story straight. It all began with a curse...I curse you with the need of thirst,From the blood of the first.

Classic Twists
A Crazy Ink Anthology
#Multigenre #Classics #CrazyInk #Literature
Contemporary and twisted takes on the classics including:
Prinn by Erin Lee
A Twist of Fate by Amy Cecil
Of Kitty and Girls by Rita Delude
The Crown of Saturn by T. Elizabeth Guthrie
Not On My Watch by Olivia Marie
This One You’ll Save by Hope Sherrill
Because sometimes, it’s nice to start from the beginning.

Mya's Saving Grace
An Escape from Reality Series novella
Olivia Marie
***Can be read as a standalone***
#CrazyInk #EscapeSeries #Contemporary
Ever since the accident, Mya Rhodes hasn't been the same. Her parents have tried everything, but nothing is getting through to her. When Mya's therapist recommends a local horse ranch for the summer, her family has reservations. Closing herself off from everyone she has known, how could being around strangers help? Knowing this may be her last chance, they send her and hope for a miracle.

The Backwoods Justice Series Book 1
Rena Marin
#SmallTown #Suspense #Thriller #CrazyInk #Craziest
In the Summer of 1995, three friends set off on a road trip to celebrate their graduation and the start of their first summer of freedom. Visiting a secret swimming hole, they find more than the peace and quiet they expected. With a sabotaged truck, their only option is to make the journey back to civilization on foot. As night sets in, they quickly realize they aren't alone on the deserted stretch of road. Now, they must fight for their lives and pray they can survive the night on the backroad.

The Other Side
The Keeper's Trilogy Book 2
Cloud S Riser
#Epic #Fantasy #Magic #KeepersTrilogy #CrazyInk
It's been six months since Becca Simpson crossed over to the Other Side with her Guardian Erik.
Now aligned with an ancient tribe whose goal is to set things right once and for all, it is Becca's job to find the savior for the Realm of Magic. First, she has to learn how to use her magic...from her boyfriend's entitled ex-fiancé.

Mr. Watcher
Jim Ody
#CrazyInk #Thriller
As a child, Gideon spent too many nights stuffed in a wardrobe watching his mother entertain men.
Mila was a girl neglected by her parents. Clever and dedicated, she gave up a social life to focus on becoming a scientist.
Soon Mila and Gideon find each other. Gideon realizes that his wealth is now down to a deal made by his mom all those years ago. And what is expected of him.
Now, it’s the watcher who is being watched…

Sunsets at Home
A Grouper Cove Series Novella
Lorah Jaiyn
#CrazyInk #Romance #GrouperCove
Flynn Somerly finds his teenage daughter’s bedroom empty the morning after he learns of her pregnancy on social media. Things get worse when her boyfriend and his parents make a surprise visitWhen he receives a call from Dr. Jo, a pediatrician in the small town of Grouper Cove, the situation gets even more complicated.With Thanksgiving looming, can they find their way back to family?

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