How to get The Chocolate Gospel, and other good stuff

What is The Chocolate Gospel?

It’s the deliciously good news of Jesus told in the universal language of chocolate. With more than 160 chocolates from nearly 40 nations, The Chocolate Gospel is like no other book you’ve seen. Check out the book trailer above.

Where can I buy The Chocolate Gospel?

You can’t. (We're still looking for a publisher.) But as a token of my gratitude, we have printed up a batch of books exclusively for Patrons, which means you can get the book now. Some are already in the mail!

How can I get one?

All patrons who are signed up at the following monthly levels by the end of October, 2019, will get one of the following rewards:

$1 – your name in the acknowledgements (ebook version); this applies to all patrons
$10 – an advance review copy of The Chocolate Gospel (ebook, avail. Nov.), plus you'll get instant access to my last two ebooks, Letters from Jesus and AD70 and the End of the World 
$25 – a limited edition copy of The Chocolate Gospel, not available anywhere in the world, plus all the above
$100 – a personally signed limited edition copy of The Chocolate Gospel, plus  all the above
$250 – all the above plus a gift box of my favorite Kiwi chocolates. Yum!
$1000 – all the above plus a box of 25 Chocolate Gospels; that’s Christmas sorted!

Can I sign up with other currencies? 

Not on Patreon, but you can on Donorbox. Anyone who signs up with a recurring donation on Donorbox will get the same benefits as above. For instance, sign up for GBP21 or AUD38, etc., and you’ll get the limited edition book. Just make sure you’re signed up before Oct 31, 2019.

I am a $10 patron. When does the advance review copy come out?

November 2019. And you’ll get it in a variety of e-formats, to suit every phone and device.

$25 seems pricey for a single book.

Think of it as an investment, a gospel seed. You’re getting one book, but you are funding the delivery of thousands. Thanks to your ongoing support, people all over the world will hear the good news of grace.

I am a $25 patron or higher. When can I expect to get my limited edition book?

If you have been a patron for a while, your book is on its way. Expect it in 2-3 weeks. 

Sign up or upsize to the $25 level or higher before the end of October 2019, and you'll get your book late November.

Can I upsize my monthly pledge to take advantage of this offer?

Of course. Upsize to the $25 level or higher before the end of October 2019 and you’ll get a book too (for as long as stocks last). A few patrons have upsized already, and this is an excellent time to do it. First come, first served.

What if I don’t want my name in my book? Or what if I want to add my husband or wife’s name?

You will get an opportunity to check or delete your name in early November.

I have already received my copy of The Chocolate Gospel and I love it! How can I get more copies for friends?

The best thing to do is to register your interest here. We will contact you as soon as we have news. Alternatively, sign up or level up to the top tier by October 31, and you will get a box of 25 books in time for Christmas (see above).

I’m new to Patreon. What books and freebies can I get right now?

There are lots of treasures on this site. You can find many of them here and here.  But wait, there's more. All patrons at the $5 level and higher can get Escape to Reality's Greatest Hits - that's four ebooks - here. Woohoo! 

Can you give me one more reason to get on board?

I can give you 233. That’s the number of countries and principalities where Escape to Reality is read for free. That's nearly 50,000 people a month getting trained in grace, in an increasing variety of languages, thanks to the generosity of patrons like you. 

Patrons are not merely donors; they are true partners spreading the good news of grace. Patrons give this message wings.

Thank you for your support and partnership. I hope you enjoy The Chocolate Gospel!


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