The Mystery of the Green Dot (a shorter walk in the woods)

I had a clear plan: get dropped off at a friendly "health trail" in the forest and walk the 2.5 kilometer circular route, after which I'd return to the main road and get a bus back to our hotel. It seemed so simple. I decided to tweet about the trail as I walked so that I had a reason to take photographs. Besides, it's fun to share.

However, it soon went a bit off the rails. 

You can read the whole thread on Twitter here:

However, I know that Twitter doesn't always thread things right, so I've embedded a version of it here for you to follow. The images don't click through, the full versions are only on Twitter (sorry).


Today walking clear route: following an RMK "health trail" through the forest, nice and organised. 

 It's pretty and full of bird song and rustling wind through the tree tops but also a little bit too tidy after the wildness and wrong turns of the last two days. 

 To hell with it. Leaving the marked path for this little trail. If you don't hear from me again, send in the dogs with rum. 

I am frozen at the sound of rustling, branches breaking, maybe footsteps on dry leaves, something clumsy moving through the underbrush. I should be only clumsy one here. Maybe Giants?

 OK. Not giants. I *think* it is birds throwing pine cones at me. 

Is that a thing that happens? They are up at the top of the Scots pines and shaking the branches until a small pine cone falls off and crashes through the lower trees into the  underbrush. 

 I am now following green dots painted on trees that seem to be tracking a path through the forest. I can still hear the birds but I don't think they are trying to kill me. 

 If an old woman in a house made of candy wanted to attract me, she would just have to paint marks on the trees and I would follow them straight into her trap. 

 There was once a tree on this boulder.

Smaller boulder trees...

I don't mean to be nervous but three times now I've turned off the marked path and every time, green dots have appeared on the trees in front of me, as if someone were racing ahead to paint them whenever I pause to look around. 

The path markings are getting more insistent. I have resigned myself to my fate. 

It's gone very dark. The birds have gone quiet. Tell me this isn't a witch's forest.

Witch's forest, for sure.

OK, I'm not going to lie. I know I was joking about someone or something waiting for me in the woods but I actually exclaimed what the fuck at full volume when this came into view.

I have run away. This looks like an entirely more sensible trail.

I swear I am not making this up.

Attempting to retrace my steps back to the RMK "health trail". This is going about as well as you might expect.

Rain clouds gathering over head. I have missed lunch. Am now at the point where I'd be pretty happy to see a green dot.

If found, please return to Tallinn.

 Every path that seems to head out of the forest suddenly veers and heads back in. I have seen a cyclist and a woman walking her dog so I can't be that far from civilisation. How hard can it be to find a bus stop? Estonia is not that big... 

Cliff has come to rescue me. "I left you on a 2.5 kilometre circular trail! How did you get lost?" 

Am now drinking a beer and resting my feet and pulling flying ants out of my hair. Shout out and thank you to my supporters on Patreon who enabled me to have these adventures in Viimsi. 

The end.

I was in the forest for just over six hours. When Cliff found me (tracking me via a smart phone app and then entering the forest from the opposite side so as to avoid the private property which was blocking my way), the rain clouds were getting darker and gloomier, my shoes were soaked through and I was covered in flying ants. I was very glad to see him. 

He looked less impressed to see me.

I'm planning on returning to scout out the area and to solve the riddle of the green dots... but maybe on a sunnier day.


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