299 Fort Nimbus

Traveler from a far away land!

This is Fort Nimbus. A small fortified settlement meant to protect a border between two kingdoms. It features a keep, a walled courtyard and barracks. The roof of the two-story keep features four scorpions (ballistae). For cases of extreme need when all hope is lost, there is a secret exit underground that leads to an opening 1 mile away from the fort. This exit is seldom used or inspected so there is no way to know if the tunnel is sound or even still there. As depicted above, this fort can house up to 30-35 soldiers. But if the courtyard space is used for extra military tents, then there can be up to 70-80 soldiers on active duty at the fort.

I wrote descriptions of the main areas a short primer paragraph about the place. This locations is better used in a "storm the walls" scenario. The party could find themselves on either end of the stick. Perhaps they must resist an attack, or they are part of the attacking force.

For my patreon supporters, I have included each level as individual illustrations for Roll20. The full illustrations come in the usual formats. I hope you find them good use in your campaigns.

Thanks for your support, the next release is map #300 and I am working on a cool surprise for that one.

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