Your Portrait Here!

Hello beautiful humans! We are currently offering a ✨very special✨ perk for joining or upgrading to the Hedwig or Buckbeak levels. Our comic artist, Theo Julien Forrester, will be creating a ✨custom portrait✨ of the first 7 people to join at the Buckbeak level and the first 21 people to join at the Hedwig level! 

Offer ends on 11/7

2/7 Buckbeak slots are still available

8/21 Hedwig slots are still available

Are you already a Hedwig or Buckbeak patron? Check your email for a message from us about how to get your portrait! 

See the portrait styles for each level below, and keep scrolling for the November Patreon release schedule!

Buckbeak level:

image: a full color portrait of Jessie and Lark in Gryffindor uniforms, with a background of a hodgepodge of Gayly Prophet newspapers. The words "The Gayly Prophet" are clearly displayed across the top.

Hedwig level:

image: A Gayly Prophet newspaper with the headline, "Theo wins 200 points for Ravenclaw!" and a black and white line drawing of Theo holding a cat. 

Coming to Patreon in November:

All levels: A video of Lark reading the AI Harry Potter chapter to Sarah, probably some other random stuff

$5 and up: The above + a Queerbler episode about Fred and George's pet raven, & an installment of Jessie’s fanfic

$10 and up: The above + two Muggle Studies link round ups, & an episode of Witch Weekly about the absolutely terrible version of The Little Mermaid that's available on Netflix--should you watch it before you listen? YES!

$25 and up: The above +  a queer comic, & a personalized care package from Lark, mailed to you via muggle post!