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Hello friends and family!

Today I am writing about a specific position that I am privileged to partake and develop in. This position is known as Technical Director (T.D.). There is a TD rostered for every service inside of College life and Church life. The two main focuses of a TD is to act as a time keeper, and also to promote and link communication within all other departments (TV, SOUND DESK, MONITORS DESK, STAGE MANAGERS, CREATIVE PRODUCERS). Each of these roles uniquely contribute to the excellence of a service, and it is largely up to the TD to be a "middle man" for each department. TD is a broad term, with broad responsibility, and broad possibility of application within each service. We are also given cool headsets that look like helicopter pilot headsets!

The TD plays a critical role in sound check, rehearsals, and pre-service organization. We are at rehearsals before all other departments, and are often the last to leave. For the majority of my time at school, I have been in training for this position, as well as training others. I am so honored to be learning this craft, it is truly a catch-all type of position where you are able to learn a lot about the many departments.

In college life, a good indicator that you are gaining trust and excellence inside of your positions is when you are rostered on to an actual church weekend. Serving for college is one thing, but serving for church is something completely different, especially when it comes to this particular role! College is an environment explicitly for learning as church is where excellence is the standard and is expected! For the month of July, I was rostered onto 2 weekend services as TD. The experience was amazing! I was able to be on stage with extraordinary worship leaders, learn from extraordinary production people, and work with extraordinary volunteers. I am so thrilled to be taking things to the next level as I gain access to more information that in return, will help me in ministry down the road!

If you have any questions about this position, please send me a message or a text!