Flyboy Bonus Comic, Page 05
Mister, I’m sure you know your own body better than I do, but I think you might have been misinformed about what exactly you’re holding…

So! Here on Patreon, I’m about to send out something very special — a cross-over painting that pairs Deacon from Artifice with Kyle from The Young Protectors in the most NSFW image I’ve ever commissioned! Painted by Marccus, this not only shows two of my characters together and uncovered weenie, it also is a very cool sci-fi image in its own right. Here’s a sneak peek:

Because of how explicit this is, I’m not going to include the link to the full image here on the Patreon site. Instead, I will send out the link to the full wallpaper to Patrons directly once I receive notice that their payments have been processed (which I should get by the 7th of August.) $10+ Patrons will get sent links to the high-res version of this art with over twice the resolution!

So! Mitch knows one of these guys — I wonder who it is? What are they up to? And what will Mitch be able to do about it? 

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! :)

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