FREE PROGRAM FOR CURRENT PATRONS who have joined before July 31st. Now I know that you all have varying interests across the spectrum of fitness happiness and meditation/asmr but the RemarkableMe program will tick so many boxes. I am offering it to all my present patrons as part of the current patronage...sooooo this means no extra cost beyond your normal subscription...YES I AM SERIOUS ....this is my thank you for staying with me. But you need to let me know that you wish to participate... Starts August 13th :) This program is going to be sensational and I am so excited the amazing Anita Hearn will be assisting me!!!! This is so exciting. Anita is an older( yes i am serious) mother of three who is a guru of clean eating and body change. Anita is going to be presenting very exciting things in the future. Anita is also an yoga instructor. This is one of several programs I wish to offer :) This program will support healthy eating and will set exercise and meditation for you to complete each day. There will be preset goals to achieve which are realistic and achievable. Let me know if you want more info....I can send an info sheet to you ....Thank you to all of you for your really means so much to me.