Mythic Manor v0.11.1 Download Post

$10+ Access - September 29, 2019
$5+ Access - October 6, 2019
Public Access - October 13, 2019 <<<

Hey everyone, Mythic Manor v0.11.1 is finally ready to play! As always, thank you for your support and for playing the game. 😊 We've also updated our official website to be more modern and optimized accessibility for our ever-increasing mobile users.


v0.11.1 entails new main and special events for some of our manor girls, a dozen new events and scenes for our beloved Jade, and other new events with some of the newer residents of New Lark City. All manor residents will now also occasionally invite you for activities during the morning and night.

In this version, we experimented and used a new video format for two new scenes. This new method greatly improved our ability to portray the actions of our characters in more detail and variety. It did prove to be somewhat challenging at first, but once refined, it was well worth it because it paves a path towards much higher quality scenes in all of the versions to come!

Your home has expanded! Previously closed off areas have now been opened in the mythic manor. So much more space for activities

We've also added several highly requested Quality of Life improvements! You now have the ability to toggle a Skip Sunday option when there are no new Sunday events. We've also bound keys to certain actions and screens such as M for map, I for inventory, T for time skip, and more. Please read the patch notes below for more of what's in v0.11.1.

New Content in v0.11.1:

Main Girls:

  • New main story event with Fanora
  • New main story event with Nefari
  • Special event for Naira
  • Random activity invites from all manor residents!

Side Characters:

  • 6 storyline events with Jade
  • 4 Repeatable events with Jade
  • 2 location-based RNG scenes with Jade
  • 4 storyline events with Paige
  • 1 repeatable event with Paige
  • 1 storyline event with Heather
  • 1 storyline event with Anastasia
  • Relationships cards for Paige, Heather, and Anastasia

Game World:

  • Right hallway (mythic manor)
  • Lounge area (mythic manor)
  • New shared laundry room (mythic manor)
  • Another new room
  • Added a "Your Room" button on the map that lets you warp straight to your room


  • New video format scene for two scenes (improved scene quality)
  • Added a toggle in the Options menu to skip Sundays when there are no new Sunday events to show
  • Bound M key to map
  • Bound Q key to quick save
  • Bound C key to character relationship screen
  • Bound I key to inventory
  • Bound R key to return to your room
  • Bound T key to time skip
  • Added 6 more $5+ patrons cheat codes
  • Added 5 monthly PC wallpapers
  • Added $20+ patron names to PC
  • Updated the hints
  • Updated the scene gallery
  • Updated the official walkthrough

Changes to the game:

Content changes:

  • Upgraded MC's penis texture for all new scenes
  • Added an additional way to obtain panties for Fanora level 20
  • When Fanora is asleep in her room, she will no longer answer the door
  • Increased money gain from article writing
  • Minor changes to past dialogue of characters
  • Other minor bugs fixed


v0.11.1 Download Links

Windows/Linux, Mac, Android, Android (64 bit), Mirrors: Click here
*The 64 bit Android version is for new-ish phones only, the non-64 bit version should work for all phones.

Walkthrough ($20+ patrons): Click here
Cheat codes ($5+ patrons): Click here
Complete v0.10.1 save file: Click here 

As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues while playing Mythic Manor v0.11.1. We hope you'll enjoy the latest version! 😄

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