Week 39 report - damn, one year

Tomorrow will mark the anniversary of my little entry in Ren'Py Jam 2018, which was the first-ever Ren'Py game directly playable in the browser :)

Big thanks to Renpytom who immediately showed full support for the project, and to all the other patrons who joined the effort!

One year later, RenPyWeb is officially integrated in Ren'Py with a one-click build, performances improved, countless little fixes to the technology stack provided stability, and more than 60 games of all sizes were published for the web.

What's next? I have plans to download resources on-demand (rather than downloading the whole game on start-up), to improve support for mobile browsers, and of course to continue the myriad of little changes that make RenPyWeb more and more robust.
I'm also wondering about making our web stack more widely accessible to Pygame, so as to bring more devs in the wonderful world of python-in-the-browser and improve the tech ecosystem - let me know if you're interested.

Hoping to see great new VNs on the web this coming year :)

And this past week, you say?

  • On-demand resource download: experiment with asynchronous networking techs
  • Python-Emscripten: revamp webprompt to prepare for exposing (and testing) more networking techs; you can play with a bare-bones web Python demo
  • Ren'Py: doc fixes #2006 ad5e11c710a
  • F.A.Q.: new entry on Memory/RAM, rework Networking entry
  • Emscripten: binaryen: refactor asyncify whitelist wildcard support (merged) ) #9381 #2344
  • Emscripten: binaryen: provide feedback on potential issue with wildcards #2354