SHF3 v.30 - dicks and tits :3

Adding erections, testing out some crotchboobs, and more clothing options. Kind of a smaller update this time. But here we gooo~

Tier 2 patrons can test it here! 

Dick upgrades!

Dicks now start flaccid and sheathed, then get erect. woo anatomy

Erections are based on arousal. If you remember previously, arousal is split into two- Mental and Physical arousal. An erection grows with the maximum of the two. So, if you're trying to hurry up and get a pony hard, it's probably faster to show them something they're aroused by. And you can keep them hard even when they're disgusted by raising Physical arousal. Since it's possible to inflict Pleasure at low Arousal numbers, it's technically possible to get them to orgasm without a full erection.

This is the first iteration of the mechanic, so let me know if stuff needs a tweakin'. Also there are spells to control the erections manually.

This was a bit of an ordeal from a technical perspective, since all dick-related animations needed a way to track a changing dick size, and stay constrained to the right area. But solving this means that toys now behave much better with huge/small dicks, as well as the new flaccid/hard states! 

Crotchtiddies (WIP)

Firstly- yes, you can disable them. Also, the game should remember your tiddy preference between sessions, so you only have to disable them once. You can turn them on/off for individual characters, or for everyone at once. The buttons are below the gender swapping buttons for now.

Right now, they're only visible when a character is pure female. Dicks get in the way. I'm going to be looking at solutions to this in the future. 

Huge thanks to the talented PussPuss for the crotchboobs art! I mentioned I was struggling to put tits on these rigs, and they offered to help me figure it out. There are more tit/nipple variations to come, just gotta vector and rig them. I'm not well-versed in the world of crotchtits, so be aware that things are still WIP >.<'

Right now the tits don't DO anything. They will. See my notes at the end of the post for more on that.

Other stuff~

Added several glasses styles, a bridle with a bit gag (my current fave), and a skirt. This is part of a batch of assets that Digi, my vector artist, finished recently. You'll see more of the results in the next couple updates :3

Also added a minor mental stat- composure. Characters will resist struggling in their chains at first, but composure drains quickly from pain, fear, and tickling. As they lose composure, they'll struggle more and more. This is a minor immersion thing that will become more impactful later, when I delve into more mental state features.

Testing out saving game settings in localStorage, which seems to work great. In the future, I want to make it save your anatomical and personality preferences as well. Woo :D


  • added erections
  • added crotchboobs with local and global toggle
  • added 3 styles of colorable glasses
  • added bridle + bit gag
  • added colorable skirt
  • added composure
  • added Always Hard/Flaccid spells
  • toys on dicks now stay on a path constrained to the dick, regardless of dick size
  • bullet vibe now instantly connects to a body part on click
  • added local storage to save game settings - currently just the crotchboobs toggle
  • fixed a bug that linked some ponies' preferences with each other. I referenced where I should've deep copied. Rookie mistake.
  • tweaked the ballgag again to look less derp
  • tweaked belly button positions to be more accurate
  • tweak- penis machine starts on full depth
  • refactored character initialization

Public update?

Will drop in the next day or so! (really though)

When will I be able to swap out dick/tit sizes and styles?

I did like 90% of the ground work for that feature in the process of this update. It needs some thorough testing still, but if it's functional it'll pop up in an upcoming version.

What about Toy improvements and Tickling features!?

Sorry, they got pushed out of the scope of this update! This next month is entirely dedicated to those two items. See below :3

What's next?

I realized that the tickling features and the toy improvements I wanted to do were interconnected and should happen together. 

A few of the items on the "toy improvements" list include- more toy types/options, adding more interactive body parts, allowing more interactions with current toys, adding body part- and character-specific sensitivity to different kinds of stimulation, and making a "hand" or omni-tool that you can use for fondling/rubbing without needing a toy.

Each of these things happens to feed directly into expanding the tickling mechanic, which is why I'll be doing them together.

I spent September experimenting with some new organizational tools, and found that I was able to complete features one at a time, without getting distracted or succumbing to scope creep. It sounds boring, but it's a fucking accomplishment for me. If I keep this up, then I can put out a small, faster update at the completion of each feature.

So here's the plan for October! I'm gonna break the above items into individual updates and release them as soon as each is finished. At the end I'll do a retrospective to see if this kind of development schedule is good or bad overall. 

That's it for now! <3

Also stay tuned for news on the new game project! :3

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