Episode 8 - Divergence Now Availble

Will you delve into the Hegemony, or take on a scouting mission for the Aloshan?  This episode comprises two full storylines, depending on your choice at the end of Episode 5.

There's over 35 sex scenes this time, plus some hard hitting choices depending on your path.  Episode 9 will continue this dual-storyline trend.

This Episode release also finds a new servant available for the Female Commander, retconned and added all the way back in Episode 1 with interactions in all subsequent episodes where other servants had scenes.

Please let us know if you have any problems by creating a ticket at the tech support link: https://themaddoctors.freshdesk.com/support/home

Alright, enough text.  You can find all the download options for the game here: http://starshipinanna.com/Download.html

Enjoy the game, we've already begun working on Episode 9.

The Mad Doctors


-Initial Public Release

-Fixed transitions errors in Jane (Female Commander)'s story line that were throwing errors.
-Corrected dozens of spelling errors/typos
-Corrected being able to select Rin with Rachel or Sam.

-Fixed Jane being refereed to as he, him, Master, Father, etc. in Episode 8 Hegemony Story
-Fixed Corbin's Episode 1 scene not activating in the gallery
-Fixed Corbin's Episode 2 sex scenes not showing under the Ashe/Sam/Rin path
-Fixed Chole making a surprise appearance with Nikka during Corbin's scene in Episode 2.
-Fixed other small typos

-Fixes a bunch of gallery problems (Certain scenes were not unlocking in the gallery)
-Fixes a few more gender mistypes
-Fixes a few more typos
-Fixes not being able to exit a Patreon Exclusive Gallery
-New credits, with new Ensign Tier included (per the recent change to the tiers)

-Fixes Corbin preview image sticking around when looking at other servant candidates
-Removes a line from Episode 1 about there being no heterosexual servants for Jane

-Fixed gender pronoun issue in Episode 8 for Jane
-Fixed John showing up during Jane's intro for Episode 8 for an image on the Aloshan story
-Fixed an image call being in dialog in the Aloshan storyline in Episode 8
-Changed the executable name to remove spaces so Linux users can just play the game without modification

-JPGs replaced with WEBPs which has reduced the size of the game by more than half with not much dip in quality
-Fixed Adam/Michael pairing sex scene not working in Episode 8 under some conditions
-Some typos fixed

-Fixed Sam/Ashe scene in Episode 2 Male Gallery not working
-Changed OGG files to OPUS files, reducing the size of the game by a chunk


-Fixed Ashe/Rin/Sam suddenly becoming Kani/Adam/Rachel path in Episode 2 Female
-Fixed a few typos in episodes
-Modified a few Kani lines in Episodes 1 and 3 to better reflect the detail from the in-production Kani history short story (basically correcting some timeline and world building details that were too broad when those episodes were written).

-Changed the credits in the game (which I forgot to in 8.5.5)

-Fixed picking Adam first in Episode 8 - Hegemony skipping secondary  choices and causing Michael/Cea scene to occur when having sex.
-Fixed a few typos.

-Fixed Ashe/Rin/Sam suddenly becoming Kani/Adam/Rachel in Episode 2 Female (again)
-Fixed servant sex scenes not showing up in Episode 2 if on Kani/Adam/Rachel path
-Fixed an error in episode 2 if you do not have Chole as a servant.
-Changed prologue text slightly
-Changed artwork of K7 to better match other space scenes
-Fixed some typos throughout
-Added typos to fix later /s

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