All About Raddick

(above artwork by Carly Jean Andrews) 

I am psyched by the response to AFOTM 2020 so far and I wanted to highlight the main character- Raddick the Vector Detective. 

Raddick has existed in many forms over the years, with the general idea of the character going back to my early childhood (where he was called The Scarlett Sentry)

Aside from his garish outfit, there was nothing established about his character. He was an absolute blank slate. As best I can tell, his hair was inspired by Brian Bosworth in the film Stone Cold.

The next iteration of him came two decades later, when he was referred to as Rax

While he possessed a slime-morph hand and a sci-fi motif, the hair / glasses / and muscles were consistent. Not finding a hook for the character, he sunk to the bottom of the well again. 

It took breaking down the character into the basic components to figure out the path forward for Raddick. 80's clothes, baggy pants, detective vibe, tank top, LOUD COLORS! He would be a pastiche of all the action heroes and video game protagonists I grew up with. 

A note on the Bruiser Class 

Since the early days of KOTS, it's been important to me to add a larger scale, muscle-bound body type to the assortment. Having a tank in your team is always important for optimal tactical preparedness.

A little part of Raddick and the Bruiser Class are love letters to two great unreleased figures from classic toylines- 

The Secret Wars Hulk is a great example. Can you imagine if this has come out in the old Mattel line? This could've been the greatest figure of the era. I can almost see the dark green and pink / purple color combo.

Another long lost big boy was the Robeast from Voltron

Truly a spectacle!
In terms of bulky figures that did come out, I adored the Spawn series 1 Overtkill

There was something so satisfying about his fist connecting with the Spawn figure and throwing him across the room. 

Anyways, I digress...

First Attempt At Sculpting

The very talented Ant Sok was the first to take a crack at Raddick, and I dare say he came within striking distance of a great figure. 

This was the kitbash I put together to guide Ant. It utilized an old head he had come up with, along with a (poorly) sculpted pair of pants and slippers I had modified onto a Classic Knight body. The rest of the body pieces were digi-bashed from whatever was laying around. 

And this was the result. Pretty cool figure, but one in need of several revisions.
The midsection, hands, and articulation all needed some revamping, but unfortunately Ant had other obligations and couldn't finish it. So Raddick sat in this stage for a while. Some people were lucky enough to get a resin copy of this body during some of our Vector Crate drops.

He would languish in limbo until I started working with a very talented designer named Beefstrong

Jordan is a super talented concept artist who also works in 3d. I'd been following him for a while and was lucky enough to hire him to do some concept work on all 4 of the AFOTM 2020 characters. 

His 3d work produced a Raddick that was much closer to how I saw the character in my mind's eye. This gave us a new base to start working on. 

The problem is, the compatibility with previous figures was not cohesive. 

While the style looked great, it was a stretch to get the parts to look right together.
So I had to go back to the drawing board. 

What I figured out was that if I combined parts from both figures, Ant & Beefstrong's, I could get something that was pretty damn good. I started this experiment by building a sample out of spare resin parts (left) and then tweaking the proportions in photoshop (right). 

From there, we actually sent off the hand sample to a professional scanning studio that gave us a super-hi res scan we could tweak. Siva-Jack then went to work making weeks worth of revisions.

With a pair of hi-tech sneakers, we got Raddick ready to go! 

Stay tuned for pics of the paintmaster! 

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