Dangertide Chapter 03
Around Christmas 2014 I finished the Art for a 5 pager. This is not it.

Those pages started me asking a great many story questions and this installment is what came out of that -not a sequel, not a prequel maybe a sidequel? Here I get to flesh out the antagonists a little bit, figure out what is at stake and churn up a bit of the historic silt.

I'm writing this as I'm going and it's a fun game, and like my favorite games it's a large part journey of discovery. That said, I apologize if nothing really happens in this episode, or perhaps it does, I'll let you, dear reader, decide that for yourselves. To make up for any strangeness I'm including a hand written game page and a "Cast of Characters"page, so if it feels a bit more eclectic and anti-climactic, well it is, I had a battle planned for another 5 pages but that will have to wait for another time.

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