The Next Vote - Slightly Different!

Hello All! 

So, it's that time again, where you can vote to choose where we go from here. The vote has been tweaked slightly, in part to reflect the best way to produce the shows you want - but otherwise it's the same as ever. All votes are unequal, depending how much you support the podcast; if you've voted before and forget/don't vote this time, your previous votes will be re-added to the running tally; you can change your mind and vote again, but the last time you vote will be the one used. Some notes on previous votes/plays/playwrights can be found on our old blog page.


1. Important Note Number One!

Since we started handing the decision making process over to our patrons, we've learnt in practice the ups and the down sides. 

The up side is we get a very eclectic mix of suggested material. 

The down side is we get a very eclectic mix of suggested material. 

Or to put it another way, it takes longer to produce than we thought, because we're diving into plays we don't know as well as - say - our first season of John Heywood plays. Once we got into his work we were able to produce six productions very quickly, all the prep work fed into itself. Our first patron voted seasons have stretched out over time because they are all different and - this is the other difference to our second year - longer. 

The upshot is we're asking for future seasons way in advance now of actual production. We're finishing the season voted last year as I type, the season voted in the spring is mostly out of pre production, with Explorations and rehearsals underway, full recording to follow soon. So this vote will not produce plays immediately, though you might get lucky.


2. Important Note Number Two!

However, one possible exception to the long lead time thing - and to give you something closer to instant gratification - is our new voting category to upgrade plays we've looked at as Exploring sessions. You know, those Exploring sessions that keep turning up on the podcast but no one is sure why. This is why! We've got the scripts, we've done the read through, we have ideas as to how these plays work - now you can choose which we work on next as a full audio experience. 

It's an important category for us, because we know there are people who'd like to get more involved in the whole process, but who don't know which plays to vote for - well, if you wish, you can listen to them now and make a choice.  The choices are curated slightly because we're not putting Chester or N-Town in play - background work on these will rumble along anyway, so there's nothing to really vote for, and it would swamp the choices.

NB: If you're not a patron yet, be aware that some of these Exploring sessions are not on the main podcast yet - please join us and continue! 


3. Important Note Number Three!

And remember, share and enjoy! The more people supporting us, the more work we can produce. Share this post with your friends, tell your family, annoy strangers in the street - let the world know the voting is open.

Votes close on Wednesday 30th October, 12pm GMT - the day before our Halloween show, when we will announce the results.


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