Inktober 10/01/19 - 10/07/19

It's #inktober! 

31 Days 31 Drawings from artists around the world.  You can check out the challenge info and prompts on the official Inktober site.

It was two years ago, when I first attempted to draw every day with ink. Inktober 2017 got me started on this crazy adventure.

#inktober 10/01/19

Playing with negative space and a fun curvy simple branching fractal for my first drawing of this year's inktober. Today's prompt is "Ring", so I drew a little ring on one of the branches. I also included my handy glass dipping pen in the photo.


#inktober 10/02/19

Today's official prompt is 'mindless', but I forgot to look at it before I started today's drawing. I ended up playing with circles, curves, and tangents.  My ink got a bit gloppy on one part, oh well.


#inktober 10/03/19

Playing with some dancing echinoderms (sea stars) for today's drawing. I'm trying to keep my Inktober drawings in just black, but I'm not sure how long I can resist colors.  This one really called out for color.


#inktober 10/04/19

It's the fourth day of #inktober2019, and the official prompt is "freeze". So my mind went right to bubbles frozen in chocolate, and abstracted the pattern. 

Of course, chocolate is in a solid state at room temperature. But I'm counting the solid state as frozen...blame all those years of chemistry classes.


#inktober 10/05/19

Today's official prompt is "build", and I decided to play with an idea around that.  

Build --> Building --> Building Blocks 


#inktober 10/06/19

Well I've been drawing in only black ink for six days now, and I'm really missing color. I wanted to use a bright color for the circles in today's drawing, but I resisted and filled them with black ink instead.

You can see a little of the gold shimmer in the ink for today's drawing. 


#inktober 10/07/19

This squirmy little creature wanted me to draw it today.


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