Duo Logs 1: A Night to Remember - A new short story is now available!

Hey guys! Finally, it's here!

Download Duo Logs 1: A Night to Remember V1.0.0 Here - MEGA (Windows, Android, Linux, Mac builds).

Duo Logs is a series of short stories based on the world of Duo. Each begins and ends in a single release.

The first story of Duo Logs is released publicly. Future versions of Duo Logs will be released as a thank-you reward for our patrons. If you are not a patron, don't worry, plenty of sex scenes are coming to Duo!

About Duo Logs: A Night to Remember 

The story takes place 2-years after the events of Duo.

Julia is being tasked to retrieve incriminating photos of a famous actor, Jasper Wood. The photos were taken and being held by Jessica Diaz and Sookie Lin. Two girls with an interesting relationship that Julia will have to get along with.

Change Log

Story: Initial release.

Framework \ General

- Skip Feature Rework: Skip now works with a delay and is not instant anymore (Instant feature remains as a setting).
- You can change the skip speed through settings both on the menu and during the game.
- Pressing S \ Spacebar \ Esc or clicking on the screen while skipping stops the skipping process.

- Original Duo Logs background music added to the menu.

Tags: 3DCG, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, Submission, Erotica, Group Sex


NSFW Previews here - imgur album.

With the release of Duo Logs, Long Story Short V0.2 becomes free! Get LSS V0.2 HERE.

As short as Duo Logs might seem, it ended up being a very long project for several reasons we've already mentioned in other posts.
If you enjoy the story, make sure to drop a like, or a comment - any feedback will be appreciated. Also, follow our Patreon for more updates, teasers, and releases! 

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