Book Review: "The Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight" by James Redfield

The vision gets more complete.

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The Secret of Shambala

Once you have read The Celestine Prophecy and the 10th Insight, you truly feel that you have tapped into something wonderful, a new world of possibilities, and feel you are getting ready for an incredible future. But again James Redfield surprises me once more with yet another leap into the future: a future based on tapping on specific realities based on the level of your consciousness and your vibratory level.

All these truths were like Chinese to me at the time, again, because these were one of the first spiritual books that I had ever read, so many years ago! And today, these truths are more of a general knowledge and have been integrated into the consciousness movement that is sweeping the planet.

But at the time, I felt like a pioneer at the verge of a discovery that would change humanity. And indeed, this thinking will change humanity, and indeed IS changing humanity! And I will do everything in my power to help others raise their consciousness to become lighter, clearer and unburdened in order to make their highest potential manifest for the benefit of the world.

Working together in this regards, this book is a wonderful platform to shift people's thinking into what could have been a futuristic possibility, but in fact, the many spiritually aware individuals in the planet know it to be a / the (new) world!

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