Ullr Goes South / Mega-Moon Overlanding

Oct 3, 2019

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An impressive way to do a honeymoon, without question! Cory and Brie caught our attention as they left for their mega-moon overlanding trip about a year ago. We’d never heard of a “mega-moon”, and these newlyweds were doing it overlanding style! Apparently the mega-moon idea is fairly popular. The idea consisting of a multi-country or even multi-continent itinerary. 

On October 8th 2018 in Seattle WA Cory and Brie pointed Ullr (their Toyota Tacoma) South, and hit the gas pedal. We caught up with them (virtually speaking) in Chile to learn from their experiences over the last year, hear their stories from the road and talk all things overland travel. 

Check out their two episodes as they celebrate their 1 year anniversary on the road as newlyweds, overland travelers, skiers and adventure enthusiasts. Be sure to check out their blog and social media pages (links below) they’ve amassed an epic collection of blog posts documenting their trip and experiences in each country. You can also read about their truck and camper prep, packing list, insurance plans… everything!

Website: https://ullrgoessouth.wordpress.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ullr_goes_south

Vehicle: 2012 Toyota Tacoma & 2000 Four Wheel Camper Eagle model 

Most Valuable: Currently - built in heater in the Four Wheel Camper

  • Added Value: Fan for South America (air flow), Magic Bullet (blender), Shewee (female urinating device)  

Fuel Capacity: 80 liters (21+ gallons) plus a 20 liter (5.28 gallon) jerry can 

Water Capacity: 30 liter (7.9+ gallon) tank in their Four Wheel Camper

Water Filtration: Buy pre filtered, or potable water for primary use. Grayl water filter for hiking and backup use if they’re unsure of the water quality.

Solar: 200 watts with 120 Ah. battery 

Favorite Meal: Location dependent; Tomato, avocado, balsamic salad bowls or Grilled vegetables with quinoa rice. Cold days, one pot soups

Honorable Mentions: @bam_bam_van   &   @windingroadsouth

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