Monthly Progress Report & Stuff - October 2019

Hello Patrons! I've skipped a month, but here I am again, with the next monthly report.

To my new patrons, welcome and thank you for choosing to support me. I hope you will be staying here for a long time.

To my current patrons, thanks for continuing your support towards my translation activities!

And to my old patrons, thanks for having supported me and hope to see you again in the future!

Just like always, in this post I always talk about my  translation  projects and anything else important. This is mostly to keep myself informed as to how much I've done myself so far, but also to keep you informed in other things I'm thinking about related to translation that might be important  to all of you.  


Translation progress 

  • Second Summon: Chapter 111 at 0% -> Final chapter (117) at 98%
  • Hiki-NEET:  Vol 9 Idle talk 4 at 0% -> Vol 10 prologue at 0%
  • Retired Hero: Chapter 47 at 0% -> Chapter 53 at 0%

This is what I've done in about almost 6 weeks. I've been making good progress so far, though still not as much as I like. This week's my week off too so I've been able to do a lot of progress. (Both in translating and resting) I was hoping to get two chapters a day this week, but that seems a little too optimistic for me. 

Weekly  new chapter update

So I've seen that some people complain about the amounts of mails one gets for each update I make, which could be rather annoying in my perspective too. I don't know if people get mail for tiers above them though. 

Either way, that's why I've decided to do the updates altogether, not notify you patrons with each individual chapters and just make one single post listing every chapter that's new for every tier. So instead of getting 3 mails on new chapters on wednesday, thursday and friday, I'll make a single post with all 9 new chapters for each respective tier on sunday. This will start next week.


This is actually all I wanted to let you guys know for the time being.  If you want to respond in any of the above points or have other questions, please let me know through comments, mail or discord(link here just in case). I'll be more than happy to respond to you.  I hope all of you have a great time. 

See you in my next translation and/or report! 

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