[PF2E] The Search Update

Hello everyone! Today, I don't have much new content for you - a new Feat from Pathfinder Society Quest #2 was added, but that's it for now. The main reason for this update is that we've completed work on a large number of new Search and UI related features that I know many have wanted for quite some time. I won't detail them all here, check out the changelog below for the full list. 

Now that we've done a lot of the changes we wanted to on 2E, we can start bringing these changes to the other sides of the site. Expect announcements on those fronts in the coming weeks!

Since this update involves some UI changes, there's a chance bugs may arise if you don't clear your browser cache, so please be sure to do that if you notice any oddness before leaving us a comment/email about a bug. It often clears up issues related to these types of updates.

As always, enjoy!

Site Updates

  • [Rules] Links to parent Rules added to the top of each rule entry (except those already at the top)
  • [Search] Search bar added to the main menu on both Desktop and Mobile views
  • [Search]Query parameter added to URL for an optional Search entry - for example, searching for Fireball, you'd use https://2e.aonprd.com/Search.aspx?Query=Fireball
  • [Search] Chrome Omnibar support added
  • [Search] Results ordering changed, priority now goes to the category which includes the best match
  • [Search] Exact Matches, when found, are now called out at the top
  • [Search] "Teleport to Best Result" button added to Search (also available as a URL Parameter, BestMatch=True) - this will take you to the best match we can find based off of your search. For now this is only available on the Search page itself, but we will be adding a button alongside the search box on the menu in another update
  • [Search] Boolean option for AND added to Search page - default logic is to search for each word individually, OR, now you can search for only objects which include ALL words
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