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Time to rewrite Chapter 6 one more time before rewriting it for the final draft! These sketch comics will be posted here 5 days a week (barring me getting trapped in a well or something), which means 45 pages of this chapter SHOULD be up by Dec 6 if I can keep my shit together :D How exciting. 

I have not drawn on paper for like, actual years, so please forgive some initial not-great art as I re-learn how to use my dusty no ctrl-z mummy hands and very old markers and the scanner on my ipad.

The Meek will be back posting real actual pages on the site on Jan 1 2020 isn't that just marvelous. Until then feel free to join me for the concluding pages of Mare Internum, posting to its site now, and these sketch pages, which as of next week will be updating exclusively to the $5 tier, followed by advance looks of the Real Pages in mid-late December. 


To give some background, from 2007-2009 I drew about 320 pages of The Meek as thumbnail sketches. I have a few of the full sketch chapters posted to Patreon, you can check some of em out here:

Thanks for reading~

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