RC SWF build gave up

So PCG tried to fix the swf build but unfortunately, the issue cannot be solved. The build reached 400+ MB and swf "said", I can't remember what the hell you're talking about. Basically, swf's memory is low and contents of the build became too heavy to load it into stage.  It didn't matter how fast your unit is because SWF is slow by itself. I googled the matter only to find out that indeed, swf do have loading issues when the swf file gets big. Although the maximum file size for SWF format has nowhere been discussed so we're not entirely sure if this was the maximum filesize for SWF. My gut tells me that swf is not meant to contain thousands of png files in it. I could be wrong about this, but based on my experience working with swf, it tends to have loading  issues when it's not native to Flash format, while PCG is building the SWF from clickfusion, we had to use PNG for every elements in game. If we really want to build SWF, the game will need to be programmed in Flash from the ground up. PCG will have to program the exe in clickfusion and the SWF be programmed in Flash , and that will kill our progress. If I really need an SWF build I will need to hire another programmer dedicated to Flash and I can't afford that. 

This is very unfortunate but we have no choice but to drop the SWF. However, we are moving on to Mac version of the build since clickfusion can export to MAC. It will take a while to figure things out in our end, you know, programming and testing the build, lots of work. PCG will be getting his hands on a used MAC very soon while I will need to save up to get my own used MAC up so I can do testing also. (btw, if you any of you have a MAC you're no longer using, donate it to me hehe). 

To be honest, we've been planning to move to MAC since last year but we we're too busy fixing things and adding new scenes. We didn't have enough time to prepare and we didn't expect SWF to break so early. We are just a two man army and there's only so much we can do. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but have to move on. It's just not possible for us to build a whole SWF build of the game. 

Anyway, comments are always welcome.

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