Inktober 10/08/19 - 10/14/19

It's #inktober! 

31 Days 31 Drawings from artists around the world.  You can check out the challenge info and prompts on the official Inktober site.It was two years ago, when I first attempted to draw every day with ink. Inktober 2017 got me started on this crazy adventure.  

I've posted some advice for starting and continuing with #inktober. I'm trying to follow it myself. 

#inktober 10/08/19

So far, I've resisted the temptation of colors and have continued to  draw only with black ink.  It's a challenge for me. I love playing with colors.

Playing with a ruffled fungi pattern for today's drawing.


#inktober 10/09/19

Day nine, and the official #inktober2019 prompt is "swing". So, I drew some swinging bubble strands. 


#inktober 10/10/19

Today's official Inktober prompt is 'pattern'. It's almost as if they put that one in there just for me. I went with a squishy pattern for today's drawing.


#inktober 10/11/19

Today's official prompt is "snow", so I figured I'd try a network of snowflake patterns.


#inktober 10/12/19

Today's official prompt is 'dragon', so I abstracted some spiky dragon tails in my drawing.


#inktober 10/13/19

Playing with stippling and bubbles for today's drawing.


#inktober 10/14/19

Today's official prompt is 'overgrown', so I went with a simple branching fractal for my drawing.

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