The Stellaris Space Springhares Mod v0.2.0

Well, it looks like Stellaris has updated, to the "Lee" edition, named after another cracking science fiction writer no less!

With that, comes my need to update mods, and post progress made. Sadly the last couple months have been so busy I've hardly had to to check my tail is still there, but progress has been made in the mods at least, thankfully.

With all that being said, the Version 0.2.0 of the Stellaris Space Springhares mod is released, and should be compatible with Stellaris 2.4.1 (though realistically will likely work on most other releases).

Improvements have been made with the Space Springhares start being more lore-friendly, slight tweaks to the Springhare prescripted country to reflect lore and to tie in with the brand new starting system for them: Overhop.

With these changes, the Space Springhares are now both a Playable Species, and also will spawn as a Prescripted Empire if you do not choose them. The best of both worlds!

The Tiny Hungering Vulpines will be the next mod to update, before a new mod that ties all of these together and hopefully will give more interesting playthroughs will be announced.

Please do not upload this mod to Steam Workshops, or anywhere else without permission. If you want to use this mod as part of your own mod please do let me know!  

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