Hiki-NEET Vol 10 Chapter 2

Bulletin board chapter 

Yuuji, informing the bulletin board in regards to languages

[In the middle of subjugating] I kind of got to another world when I went out of my home after 10 years part 42 [the juice actors] 

1: Anonymous ETNE
This is the thread where you can enjoy the information, images and videos [Yuuji] uploaded from another world!
"Is this really another world? How did he make them?" 
Goes to the verification thread. 
The Goblin and orc village subjugation has begun at last!
But I have a hunch that it’s easy victory because they have Kotarou and Alice-chan!
Yahoo~! Garbage will be disinfected~!
For now there’s nothing to do if Yuuji doesn’t come back!
Ah, reproduction is not allowed okay!?
The NEET posting >>900 is to open the next thread!

789 : Anonymous NEET
Oh, come to think of it
Yuuji knows the elven language and the native language, but
can he read their writings?

790 : Anonymous NEET
Didn’t he say he couldn’t read them?

791 : Anonymous ETNE
Oh, it’s kind of verification thread-like, huh!? 

792 : Anonymous NEET
Ah, well, isn’t it fine once in a while?
How about it Yuuji?

793 : Yuuji
I can’t read their writings!
I’ve been studying the local language and reached the point to be able to understand quite a bit of it though!

794 : Anonymous MEAT
Now that you mention it, you did say something like that
How should I put it, do elves have writings too?
Sounds kind of cool!

795 : Infra worker
Saying dimwitted statements like
elven writings looks cool hearing it and such…
Don’t you show your face in the verification thread… 

796 : Well-informed NEET
But it’s certain that I’m curious about it
Yuuji, please upload the writings of the local and elven language
Or actually Yuuji, you’ve received journals, elementary spellbooks 
and dictionaries etc from Mr Kevin right?
If you can’t read the writings, then what happened with those?

797 : Yuuji
I was taught the writings of the local language from Alice
so I’ve come to be able to pronounce even though I don’t understand the meaning
It was simple, so I got to it at quite an early stage
And so, even if I don’t understand the meaning of the writings
they turn into words I can understand if I read it out loud
That’s why I’ve read everything

798 : Anonymous ETNE

799 : Anonymous NEET

800 : Anonymous NEET
You’ve got to be kidding me, Yuuji...

801 : Cool NEET
Sure, we wouldn’t have noticed it
But this is a matter that should’ve been reported, don’t you think Yuuji...

802 : Infra worker
We- well, it can’t be helped!
It can’t be helped that you’re requesting ho-ren-so (TL: reporting, contacting and 
consultation) to a 10 year long shut-in NEET with no working adult experience!

803 : Anonymous MEAT
Hourensou? (TL: See above, but could also mean spinach)
would it give you strength when you eat it?

804 : Anonymous NEET
You’re an idiot after all, right?
You said you’re not a NEET right?

805 : Well-informed NEET
So that means the local language is a phonogram, huh
Yuuji, the elven language too?

806 : Anonymous NEET
Ri- right, phonograms isn’t it
Pretty nice, that thing

807 : Anonymous NEET
I know, I know, I like it too, phonograms

808 : Anonymous NEET
Stop acting like you know about it!
Unlike requesting reporting, contacting
It’s not embarrassing even if you don’t know it! Should be!
It’s not embarrassing! Is it?

809 : Well-informed NEET
Simply put, they’re languages where its writings and pronunciation corresponds with each other
Setting aside its meanings, you can pronounce them if you know the rules
Usually any languages have exceptions though.
Subsidiaries of the latin language are generally like this.
I guess hiragana would be like this in the japanese language.

810 : Anonymous NEET
Ri-right, latin language isn’t it
Pretty nice, that thing

811 : Anonymous ETNE
It’s pretty cool writing and reading the latin language!
Cogito Ergo Sum!

812 : Anonymous NEET
Elohim Essaim!

813 : Anonymous NEET
It’s enough, it’s enough already…
Take a break already, you two...

814 : Overwhelmingly dog person
So this before Kotarou’s language problem
is solved...

815 : Yuuji
I’m, I’m kind of sorry, everyone...

816 : Cool NEET
Yuuji, so it’s only the otherworld language where you will
know the meaning if you pronounce the writings?
First of all, try out english 

817 : Clothes group member B
An idea flashed into my mind!

818 : Camera Ossan
I have a bad feeling about this, but
try telling us for now!

819 : Clothes group member B
Yuuji, try reading Voynich manuscript!

820 : Anonymous NEET

821 : Anonymous NEET

822 : Anonymous NEET
A genius has appeared!

823 : Well-informed NEET
Calm down
He doesn’t know the pronunciation so he shouldn’t be able to read it

824 : Anonymous NEET
You’re so useless Yuuji!
Hey wait…
then would languages or writings where you know 
the pronunciation of but can’t decipher work?

825 : Anonymous NEET
Think about this calmly
We don’t have that, such a language
We don’t, do we?

826 : Well-informed NEET
Yuuji, please read this for now
It’s a code to substitute the english based alphabet

827 : Anonymous NEET

828 : Cool NEET
Yuuji, elves have writings
moreover the native humans and beastkins can’t read them right?
In that case, leave Riese-chan’s messages in the forest

829 : Anonymous ETNE
A genius has appeared!

830 : Anonymous MEAT
A genuine one belongs in a different class!

831 : Yuuji
I’ve read it, but
I couldn’t understand what it means
Right, the humans and beastkins doesn’t have anyone who can read them
I’ll have Riese write them tomorrow
and place them in various places in the forest!
That she’s been safeguarded
Would it be fine to write the location of the pioneer land?

832 : Anonymous NEET
Nearby the monster village or
places where Kotarou couldn’t follow her smell and such
Don’t forget it, Yuuji!

833 : Well-informed NEET
So does it means you’ll be able to understand the language
that you hear via your spoken language?
I’d like Yuuji to try out dialects, animal cries of this world and
communication between dolphins though…
The sound will become inaudible, won’t it… 
The sound of videos from here can’t be heard on the other side
and the sound of videos from the other sound can’t be heard here
To think that this so frustrating… 

834 : YES Lolita NO Touch
So you have understood our sorrow!
Oh comrade!

835 : Anonymous NEET
Yeah yeah
Even so
What if Yuuji returns
Will he be able to understand various languages
and have excellent physical abilities?
That’s a cheat, you know, hey...

836 : Anonymous NEET
Even though he’s not really playing an active role in the other world!
Also he can’t write though!

837 : Infra worker
Yuuji, aren’t you practising in writing
the local and elven language?

838 : Yuuji
I am doing that! 
I’ve become able to read and write the local language thanks to Alice
These days, the time after evening meal is where…
-Riese and I study the local language with Alice as the teacher
-Alice and I study the elven language with Riese as the teacher
-Alice and Riese learns the Japanese language with me as the teacher

839 : Anonymous NEET

840 : YES Lolita NO Touch
Lessons from Alice-chan-sensei
and Riese-chan-sensei you say!
Damn it!
I want to become their students!
If it’s money you want, I have it!!

Damn it!
Damn you Yuuji!
Record it and upload it!

842 : Anonymous NEET
I understand how you feel, but calm down
Even if he uploads a video
it’ll have the scraping sound where you can’t catch their speech you know?

843 : Anonymous NEET
That’s still fine!
Hey you all
Can’t they create a doctor’s robe and glasses in the other world?

844 : Anonymous NEET

845 : Anonymous NEET
Alice-chan in a loose doctor’s robe and fashionable glasses...

846 : Anonymous NEET
Riese-chan fixing her glasses… 

847 : Anonymous nEET
A pointing stick too!
One of those stretching pointing sticks please!

848 : Anonymous NEEt
Wait, wait you
Let’s make a classroom set and blackboard

849 : Anonymous NEET
The pioneer land can’t afford such things!
I do understand you though
I do understand you though...

850 : My hobby is cosplay
If it’s merely for form’s sake, then couldn’t they just paint glasses with wood?
You don’t need lenses right?
The doctor’s robe would be simple if you have white cloth though...

851 : Anonymous NEET
Send Yuuji the pattern papers of a doctor’s robe please!
A “large eyes” look for Alice-chan please!

852 : Yuuji
Then I’ll do a video next time though…
Woodworker Mr Thomas is busy so
White cloth… I wonder if we have some…
Mr Kevin won’t come until spring with the snow, so
A doctor’s robe will probably be difficult

853 : Overwhelmingly dog person
Don’t get tricked!
Kotarou’s language problem is more important than something like that!

854 : Kemona Lv.MAX
That’s right Yuuji!
If Kotarou can speak a language…
That place will have the dreams of the whole furry fandom!

855 : Anonymous NEET
No thanks. I’m a furry, but
an actual dog is a bit…
I do want to know what they’re thinking though...

856 : Anonymous NEET
To be honest, isn’t this guy even more past redemption
than the lolicon bastard?

857 : Cool NEET
I’m definitely curious about Kotarou’s language capabilities
I don’t think she’s capable of speech with her vocal organ and skeletal issue, but
I want to know her understanding
Depending on that, you should be able to teach her a method to express her intentions

858 : Anonymous NEET
No, if you say that, then what about the beastkins?
They’re nearly dogs/cats bipedal types, you know?

859 : Overwhelmingly dog person
An experiment to study an animal’s level of understanding is difficult isn’t it…
There’s also the question of whether you can train them in writing even if Kotarou’s intelligence is high…
Well, is it different just to teach her to express YES and NO?

860 : Well-informed NEET
There’s even the possibility to understand things through gestures and mouth movements
Well, from what I can hear from Yuuji and the videos
Kotarou seems to comprehend languages though...

861 : Anonymous NEET
Study in the local language and elven language
Kotarou’s language comprehension and intelligence
Dress manufacture that’s delivered by the american fashion designer
Preparations to usher in the second pioneer citizens
Asking for information about Elves
Plenty of things to do, huh Yuuji!

862 : Yuuji
Well, the winter is long after all!
I’ll do it patiently
Best regards, everyone!

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