Bound by his Oath

One of my side-projects really grabbed hold this week and insisted on getting some attention. In fact, it insisted on getting a lot of attention.

You know the standard medieval romance plot line? Woman forced into marriage she doesn't want, man who sees the marriage as a political tool and source of heirs, falling in love and learning to live together, with the woman learning to accept the restrictions and subordination of her marriage.

Well, the premise of this story is taking that plot line and gender bending it.

I originally intended to set this story in the culture-clash of England immediately after the Norman conquest. Unfortunately, I quickly found that I don't have the spoons for in depth historical research. And I wasn't writing a historical novel if I couldn't get my facts straight.

So now it's one of those 'technically sci-fi where they colonized a new planet and reverted technologically and for some impossible reason ended up with a society that mirrors a historical culture from Earth.'

In this case, the three cultures are more-or-less based on the Anglish, Norse, and Norman cultures that came together and clashed in England around the end of the first millenium. 

It's not one of my active writing projects (ie, projects I have set a deadline for) so for now any further posts about it will be going up for Werewolf patrons only.

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