"Back on track" post was counting chickens before they hatched. Just when I found a new job that would allow me to work more on art, my RSI came back with a vengeance and I've spent most of those hours gained in a doctor's office. To spare you the details, many solutions were tried and misdiagnoses has pushed back recovery. Every one of them did agree on one point however: Stop working so much. It's been a depressing summer of holding back. 

I've modified the Reward tiers. They are now suggestions around what each dollar amount possibly contributes to. Everyone who's backed at $15 will be getting something in the mail within the next 2 weeks. Just putting together these 2 posts has caused my arm to sour, so I'm not sure when I'll get to outstanding $5 rewards. If this is what you were looking for when you backed, let me know and I'll process a refund.

Thanks for your understanding.