Inktober 10/22/19 - 10/28/19


It's #inktober! 

31 Days 31 Drawings from artists around the world.  You can check out the challenge info and prompts on the official Inktober site.  It was two years ago, when I first attempted to draw every day with ink. Inktober 2017 got me started on this crazy adventure.  I've posted some advice for starting and continuing with #inktober. I'm trying to follow it myself.


#inktober 10/22/19 

Today's official #inktober2019 prompt is "ghost". This got me thinking about electrical fields between objects, and then I went even more abstract.


#inktober 10/23/19

Today's official #inktober2019 drawing prompt is "ancient". But I wanted to push yesterday's idea a little further. Well, if yesterday's idea is "old", and we're counting time in milliseconds, then perhaps we can call this drawing "ancient". Hmmm....that's really too much of a stretch.


#inktober 10/24/19

Today's official #inktober2019 prompt is "dizzy", so I went with some dizzy geometry.


#inktober 10/25/19

Short on time today, and a bit nervous about getting my Data Meditations piece installed. So I'm revisiting a soothing drawing algorithm for today.


#inktober 10/26/19

Today's official #inktober prompt is "Dark".  Which is kind of prophetic, because someone took the table the laptop for my art installation was sitting on, and the projector went dark. I'll be heading in early to see if the installation can be run tonight. If not, I'll just call it a night. 


#inktober 10/27/19

Recovering from all the excitement and stress of my installation of my Abstract Koi Pond at the CODAME festival this weekend.

Today's #inktober drawing is 'Fish Out of Focus'.


#inktober 10/28/19

Fish, closer to my artistic vision. In today and yesterday's drawings I'm processing my frustrations with projectors and such.


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