Patreon Cumulative Rewards
While hiking through the woods (yay vacation!), I came up with the following list, I hope you all like it! The rewards will go out as soon as possible. I'll contact everyone of you individually.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

The following cumulative one-time rewards are waiting for you:

* $3 - PHQ Badge, digital "Thank You" doodle

* $5 - Shout out to you on my website

* $9 - You'll receive a postcard with a personal message.

* $25 - Add a special message to your name in the credits of current projects.

* $36 - You'll receive a long, personal letter.

* $75 - You can send me one project of yours, I'll take a good look at it and provide lots of feedback; we'll discuss it during a video chat session.