#30DaysOf1200 - Day 1 and a New Month!
Well, it's a new month and yesterday I celebrated by writing! This month my muse will be allowed a little more freedom. I still plan on committing energies to finishing draft one of the Esho St. Claire story this month. I'm also going to be writing a few short stories (not the least of which is Sailor Cooley). 

What did I do yesterday? I wrote 672 words on something shaping up to be a horror short and 741 words on Counting Down, a sci-fi piece that reminds me a little of the quirkier SF end of the spectrum. Think a bit of the Fifth Element with maybe a dash of Equilibrium/Blade Runner. That makes a total of 1,413 words. 

As the new hashtag implies, I'll be shooting for a minimum of 1,200 words a day. If that works out like last month, I'll hit somewhere in the 1,400-1,500  word range. You guys supporting me keeps me going. I mean, I'd be writing anyway. but knowing there are people with skin in the game makes me want to write more and better. 

I want to get some conversations going here, so I'm going to ask you what your favorite weird science fiction movie is and why?

Write on!