#30DaysOf1200 - Day 14 and Co-authoring
Yesterday I "only" got four hundred words in. I think four oh one to be precise. There's this thing I'm co-authoring with a new-ish friend and it's going swimmingly. There's something to be said for having a writing partner, whether it's just someone you spitball ideas off of or someone you're actively writing stories with. 

There's a sense of urgency when you have someone who's depending on your words in a timely fashion. I have a couple of projects I'm doing this way. It's no guarantee that you'll get the work in, but it can be a huge incentive. 

I'm about to dive into a story universe I'm working on with a different person, which will help me get some words down this evening. And I've already got my minimum words for the day in with yet another partner in crime. 

Have you ever co-written anything? How did you do it?