30 Day DrawingChallenge: Day 3- Your Freind(s)


So, today's challenge was kind of hard because while the term "friend" is so casually thrown around in an era of online friends, there's no one that I really consider a "friend", no one that knows the real me, no one that I could pour out my soul to. I've tried with a few people, and things weren't the same since. All anyone knows is the mask I wear to seem normal. It's a problem, I'm told. According to my therapist, I need to put myself out there, but really, in today's world, how do you meet new people and form real friendships when you don't have a job outside the home, don't attend church, and don't want friendships founded solely on the fact that you have kids?

So the friend I drew is a story character who has been with me and evolved as I have over the last ten years. When life gets hard, I turn to her, disappear into her reality to escape my own.

Art ©KittyRedden

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